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And the award goes to...Chastang Ford!

In the dealership business, the months of July and August are our awards season, though we still tend to wear our polo shirts rather than designer gowns. At Chastang Auto Group, these awards are incredible meaningful to us because they signify that our employees have achieved the highest level of customer satisfaction and loyalty, and they affirm our belief that Chastang Ford is the best place to by a Ford car, truck, or van in…
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What is gap insurance, and do you need it?

It's an unfortunate fact of life: cars and trucks go down in value as you own them. Which means that if the worst happens and your vehicle is totaled, it's possible to owe more than it's worth—and more than your standard insurance will cover. This is what we call a double whammy.

That's where gap insurance comes in. In Texas gap insurance is also known as a gap waiver or…

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Ford OEM: Get The Real Deal

What does “OEM Specs” really mean? 

Original Equipment Manufacturer Specifications. Competing engine re-manufacturers don’t always have the ?resources of Ford Motor Company, and have to reverse-engineer the original product and attempt to duplicate the original. And when it comes to remanufacturing ?Ford engines to true Original Equipment specifications, only we have proprietary Ford Engineering blueprint data. This intellectual property is not available to any competitor. Ford uses only genuine OEM parts—every time, on every engine.


In addition, Ford backs its engines with a two-year, unlimited-mileage warranty with nationwide coverage on every component for the length of the warranty…
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2018 Truck Month Savings


Ah, Truck Month–the time of year when buyers can get the biggest savings, the best financing, and the most robust warranties. Ford's latest generation of trucks showcases the company's commitment to setting industry standards for both quality and capability. Whether you're in the market for a classic F-series truck or a work-ready Super Duty, Chastang has the truck you need at the price you want. 

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Q&A with Patrick Chastang

Owner Patrick Chastang discusses his family history in the automotive industry, how he got his start, and what makes Chastang so special. 


Q: How long has your family been in this business?
A: My grandfather started selling trucks in 1933. My dad got his first store in 1994, a Volvo store, and the Ford store opened in 2003. But like I said, my grandfather started selling trucks in 1933 and then at one point in…
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Why Houstonians Love The Ford F-150

Why Our Customers Love the Ford F-150

There is no question about whether or not the Ford F-150 is a customer favorite. The Ford F-150 is one of the best selling pickup trucks in the U.S. market to date. Year in and year out, the Ford F-150 is on top, and for good reason. With each newly released model, Ford delivers a better F-150 than the previous year. Customers cannot wait to see what’s new and next for the Ford…

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