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We're obsessed with customer satisfaction at Chastang Ford. With the highest Reputation Score in the country based on the Ford dealership review platform, we wanted to get the word out by letting our passionate customers tell their story.

Case & Kimberly Keenum Talk About Their Chastang Ford Experience

NFL football player, Case Keenum and his wife Kimberly share why they have always and will always buy their vehicles from Chastang Ford in Houston.

Debbie H, a loyal fleet customer shares why she purchases company fleet trucks from Chastang Ford in Houston.

Austin Elrod, owner of Pest Force shares why he has been buying his pest control trucks from Chastang Ford in Houston for several years.

Derral R, a fleet supervisor with Roy Jorgenson shares why his company purchases more than 75% of their parts from Chastang Ford in Houston.

Edwin W. shares why he chose Chastang Ford in Houston over other Ford dealerships.

Celena with the University of Houston shares about why she choose to purchase her new Ford from Chastang Ford in Houston!

Buying a new truck isn't always a fun thing, but Greg shares why Chastang Ford in Houston made it easy!

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