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2022 F-150 Lightning Updates

Chastang Ford is an official Ford dealership in Houston to learn everything you need to know about the new F-150 Lightning all-electric truck. We are here to help you through the reservation, order and delivery process online or in-person at our dealership. Bookmark this page and check back often for updates about the F-150 Lightning as the information is released: new photos, available trim levels, pricing, charging and battery range, performance and available technology.

F-150 Lightning Fast Facts

The electric F-150 Lightning is charging into the future and with it comes a learning curve of new technologies and phrases truck owners are new to hearing. Let’s start with what is important to Houston truck owners that may be having thoughts of reserving the new F-150 Lightning.

  • Standard-Range EPA estimated 230 miles and 426 horsepower
  • Extended-Range EPA estimated 300 miles and 563 horsepower
  • Extended-Range includes Ford Charge Station Pro 240-volt wall box, 80-amp power delivery

Battery Range, Horsepower & Acceleration

Performance Towing F150 Lightning Houston Tx

The F-150 Lightning offers two different battery options that power the dual electric motors: A more powerful “Extended-Range” battery and a second less powerful “Standard-Range” battery. The dual electric motors operate the same way in both battery models: one electric motor powers the front axle, and another powers the rear axle.

The difference in power and acceleration between the Extended-Range and Standard-Range battery models:

  1. Extended-Range battery: 563 horsepower and 775 lb/ft of torque.
  2. Standard range battery: 426 horsepower and 775 lb/ft of torque.

The difference in battery range between the Extended-Range and Standard-Range battery:

  1. Extended-Range battery: 300 miles of EPA-estimated range.
  2. Standard range battery: 230 miles of EPA-estimated range.

Both the Extended-Range and Standard-Range battery models come standard with a 4×4 drivetrain, Class IV trailer hitch and provide an incredible maximum available towing of 10,000lbs and maximum payload of 2,000lbs when weighted down. Acceleration, heavy towing, and payloads that surpass even the most ambitious recreational needs, the F-150 Lightning is capable to tow big boats, campers, heavy trailers, and haul just about anything you can lift into the truck bed.

Key Takeaways

The F-150 Lightning will be powered by dual electric motors from either an Extended-Range battery or Standard-Range battery and will deliver more horsepower and torque than any F-150 available today, the fastest acceleration, and the ability to haul heavyloads and tow big trailers across Houston highways and jobsites. The electric F-150 has undergone tens of thousands of hours of torture testing and targeting millions of simulated, laboratory and real-world test miles across all types of terrains to ensure it’s ability to handle every driving situation.

Less maintenance equals more time on the road and Ford is estimating a 40% savings over the lifetime cost of the truck versus a gasoline engine due to significantly less maintenance. Additionally, the electric F-150 Lightning will continuously improve over time with fast software updates.

What You Need To Know: F-150 Lightning Batteries That Power Dual Electric Motors & Drivetrain

  • What was known as an “engine” on gas vehicles, is now called “dual electric motors” on the F-150 Lightning.
  • One electric motor on the front axle, one on the rear axle = dual electric motors.
  • There are two different battery options that power the in-board motors:
    • Extended-Range Battery: 563 horsepower and 775 lb.-ft. of torque.
    • Standard-Range Battery: 426 horsepower and 775 lb.-ft. of torque.
    • Both have 10,000 lbs max available towing
    • Both have 2,000 lbs max payload
  • 4×4 drivetrain is standard on all F-150 Lightning models.
  • Class IV trailer towing hitch standard on all F-150 Lightning models.

Charging Options

Home Charging F150 Lightning Platinum

Ford has made the charging process easy by providing an included Ford Mobile Charger portable charging cord that can be plugged into a regular electrical outlet at home. The preferred charging solution for a home or business is the Ford Charge Station Pro 240-volt wall box with enhanced 80-amp charging rate, which is included with extended-range models. Customers can also choose the Ford Connected Charge Station 240-volt wall box with a 48-amp charging rate.

To keep drivers informed of remaining range and power usage, the State-of-charge displays in the vehicle at all times. On the road, the FordPass Charging Network, the largest public charging network in North America — is accessible for easy plug & charge and the Lightning is equipped for DC fast charging at public charging stations.

Four Charging Options For the F-150 Lightning

Learn about all the charging options available to charge the 2022 F-150 Lightning with the Standard-Range and Extended-Range battery options and depending on if you’re charging from home, work or on the road. Wherever you may be charging, know that Ford has designed a quick, easy way to keep you on the road with plenty of power to get around Houston.

Ford Mobile Charger1

Anywhere Charging - Included Ford Mobile Charger

This is a supplied portable charging cord that can be used with a normal 3-prong outlet or 240-volt AC outlet and charges at 32 amps.
  • Standard-battery charges from 15% to full in 14 hours
  • Extended-Range battery charges from 15% to full in 19 hours
Ford Connected Charge Station

Home Charging - Ford Connected Charge Station

48-amp wall mounted charging box that runs on a dedicated wired 240-volt AC circuit for faster charging than the portable charger by 4 to 6 hours.
  • Standard-Range battery from 15% to full in 10 hours
  • Extended-Range battery in 13 hours
For Charge Station Pro

Home Charging - Ford Charge Station Pro

80-amp wall mounted charging box that runs on a wired 240-volt AC circuit for optimal charging capability. Available charging boxes extra through Ford or 3rd party suppliers.
  • Standard-Range battery from 15% to full in 10 hours
  • Extended-Range battery from 15% to full in 8 hours
Ford Eclectrify America Dc Charge Stations

On The Road - Electrify America DC Fast Charging Station

Fastest charging solution available at 150-KW. For rapid charging on the road, the F-150 Lightning can access a network of DC fast chargers.
  • Standard-Range battery from 15% to full in 44 minutes
  • Extended-Range battery from 15% to full in 41 minutes

What is the battery range on the F-150 Lightning?

The mileage range is up to an EPA-estimated 230 miles on the Standard-Range battery and up to an EPA-estimated 300 miles on the Extended-Range. Both mileage ranges will vary based on payload, towing, weather, driving conditions or driving habits.

What is the battery warranty?

The F-150 Lightning battery and electric vehicle components are covered for 8 years/100,000 miles (whichever comes first).

Is there an available tax credit for the electric F-150 Lightning?

F-150 Lightning is expected to be eligible for the full $7,500 federal tax credit offered with the purchase of an electric vehicle.

Mega Power Frunk

F150 Lightning Frunk

First-ever Ford Mega Power Frunk, offering 14.1 cubic feet of lockable, water-tight storage and the capacity to carry up to 400 pounds; it comes standard with four 120-volt AC outlets and two USB ports, with two more outlets in the cab and two in the 5.5-foot rear cargo bed, which is ready for easy upfitting with its familiar F-150 dimensions and mounting points.

For days at the beach or muddy situations, the F-150 Lightning’s Power Frunk is also washable and has drain outlets. Access to this space is easy as the frunk opens multiple ways: from the key fob, a grille-mounted button, or the exterior keypad. If your garage height is low, the Mega Power Frunk adjusts to different heights when lifting so it doesn’t hit the garages they may park in.

Charging Solutions

Learn about the home and public charging solutions: Ford mobile charging cable, options on how to plug into different electrical outlets, and charging options when traveling long or short distances.

What Makes The F-150 Lightning So Fast

Learn how the different batteries propel the electric motors for incredible speed and acceleration and how the F-150 Lightning was designed to ensure the truck can handle off-road as well as it does on the highway.

Houston Ford F-150 Lightning Dealer

Chastang Ford is Houston’s only Ford truck dealer and is here to help you with the Ford F-150 Lightning configuration process. We serve all areas of Houston including Pasadena, The Woodlands and Pearland, TX for all your F-150 truck sales, service and parts. Our Commercial Vehicle Center can help your business reserve a F-150 Lightning to ensure it will meet all your construction and jobsite needs or search our current commercial truck inventory if you have current truck needs. Count on Chastang Ford to provide clear details on your F-150 Lightning reservation so you can make an informed buying decision from reservation, to ordering and delivery of your new, all-electric F-150 Lightning.

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