Section 179 · Ford Truck, Van Deductions

Learn how to purchase a Ford truck or van for business use and get the maximum tax deductions for buying and using them through Section 179.

The deductions are basically depreciation, similar to the expense of buying property over a certain number of years. The good thing is that these Ford vehicle deductions can save you money on your business tax return.

Note: This article does not constitute tax advice. Tax law is subject to change. Talk to your tax advisor for full details.

What You Need To Know · Section 179

  • Vehicle must be purchased, placed into service by 12/31/2017.
  • Must be used at least 50% for business.
  • Maximum deduction in a year is $500,000.
  • Companies founded in 2014 and prior (min 2yrs time-in-business) qualify.
  • Can only claim Section 179 in the tax year that the vehicle is "placed in service".

Section 179 Questions?

Ford Vehicle Examples For Qualifying Businesses · Section 179

TAX TREATMENTUp to 100% purchase cost in first year.Up to $25,000 purchase cost in first year.Up to $11,560 in first year.Up to $11,160 in
first year.
APPLIES TOTrucks, Cargo Vans over 6,000lbs GVWRPassenger Trucks/Vans, SUVs over 6,000lbs GVWRTrucks, Cargo Vans under 6,000lbs GVWRPassenger Automobiles under 6,000lbs GVWR
ELIGIBLE NEW FORD VEHICLESF-150 (6.5-ft. or 8-ft.bed) F-250/F-350 Super Duty Transit VanExpedition F-150 SuperCrew (5.5-ft. or 6.5-ft. bed) Transit WagonTransit Connect Van Transit Connect WagonEdge, Flex, Escape, Focus, Explorer, Fusion, Fiesta and Taurus

Section 179 Vehicle Deductions · Houston Ford Truck Dealer

Chastang Ford is a family owned and operated Ford truck dealership in Houston TX that can help your business navigate the Section 179 Vehicle Tax Deductions. Our Commercial & Fleet Ford Truck staff specializes in helping small and medium size businesses find the right vehicles for their business needs.

Section 179 Ford Truck Dealer · Houston TX

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