Service Offered at Chastang Ford Houston TX

At Chastang Ford, we make it our goal to be the most complete and satisfying dealership experience you will ever come across.

Our goal is not only to get you behind the Ford truck you have been seeking, but to take care of you and your vehicle long after you roll off of our lot.

With a dedicated Ford Service Dept team comprised of the most talented factory trained technicians, we get the job done right the first time in a time efficient manner.

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Our Quick Lane Service is there for you without an appointment, six days a week. When looking for factory-certified Ford parts, we are your answer as well. Carrying 13 major brands of tires and wide-ranging accessories make us a complete, one-stop shop for all things automotive. And with outstanding parts and service specials, we can bring you all these terrific items and services at great prices.

There is no reason to not try us out for size at Chastang Ford. You may just find that we are the only place that you will ever want to for all your automotive needs.

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Looking for you vehicle to be serviced? At Chastang Ford we are at the top of the list for most trusted names in the car maintenance industry. You can schedule your next appointment over the phone or online. Our goal is to make keeping your car in peak condition as simple as possible, right down to scheduling.

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Order Parts

When it comes to getting the absolute best service, you need to have the confidence that the best Ford Factory-Certified parts are going to be used. High-quality parts make all the difference in how your car handles. We can get you the parts you need and your vehicle craves.

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Quick Lane

The top goals for us at Chastang Ford when it comes to servicing your vehicle is fixing your vehicle and getting you back on the road as quickly as possible. That is why the Quick Lane is such an excellent choice for the busy individuals when unexpected repairs arise. Quick Lane is open six days a week.

Quick Lane at Chastang Ford


Tires are the only part (or should be, anyways) that touch the ground. It is imperative to keep your tires in top shape for when rubber meets the road. We carry 13 major tire brands for virtually any make or model. Find out which tires are right for your vehicle by plugging in its information into the our tire page.

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Service Specials

At Chastang Ford, we specialize in creating a complete and entire dealership experience that is unrivaled. One aspect that we are proud of is being able to provide high-quality service at reasonable prices. Sometimes we even include great coupons that can save you even more money. At Chastang Ford, our commitment is to your satisfaction.

Service Specials at Chastang Ford

Parts Specials

Parts can be very expensive, but buying cheap parts can be even more expensive down the road. At Chastang Ford we are able to offer parts specials very frequently. These deals will save you money on parts ranging from tires, brakes, batteries, and windshield wipers. Take advantage of all these great deals and see the dollars pile up.

Parts Specials in Houston


The great thing about your vehicle is that it is yours. Make it exactly the way you want it to be with a great assortment of accessories. With huge variety of accessories available here at Chastang Ford, you are sure to be able to put that perfect personal touch on your truck. Think of it as being like a proud painter putting their signature on their masterpiece..

Ford Accessories in Houston

Diesel Services

For all your diesel service needs, come in to Chastang Ford. We specialize in servicing all kinds of vehicles, especially diesel trucks and pickups. We know that diesel vehicles have their own set of issues specific to them. Have your diesel vehicle worked on by some of the most talented people in the business when you come to see us at Chastang Ford.

Diesel Truck Services Houston

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