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As you manage and grow your operations, the Chastang Ford Commercial Credit Team delivers financial solutions and services that help you achieve your goals.
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Commercial Line of Credit Details

When you need to add commercial vehicles to your fleet, Ford Credit can help you get them quickly and easily with a Commercial Line of Credit (CLOC). Once you establish a CLOC, you can acquire additional vehicles whenever you need to. No need to reapply every time you need a vehicle.


  • Flexible terms
  • No setup or non-utilization charges
  • Credit that frees up capital
  • Availability of a combined billing statement
  • The availability of credit when you need it


  • Credit approval for up to 12 months
  • Credit lines starting at $250,000
  • Saves time when additional vehicles are needed
  • Frees up capital for other investments
  • Availability for retail financing, Red Carpet Lease and CommerciaLease
Ford Credit

Invest in Your Success. Commercial Ford Credit in Houston.


Commercial Line of Credit

With our Commercial Line of Credit program, you can apply for a credit line starting at $250,000 and, once approved, you can add vehicles to your fleet whenever you need to, for up to 12 months without reapplying

Commercial Retail Financing

Commercial Retail Financing provides traditional yet flexible financing for your business needs. Options can be tailored to meet business needs: Traditional financing, No hidden fees, new or used cars or trucks.

Chassis Financing

Perfect for body manufacturers who purchase chassis from dealers to upfit or convert to specialty products. Qualified customers may defer payment of interest for the original 180-day financing term and demo privileges may be approved on an exception basis when credit lines are established.


CommerciaLease is an open-ended Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause (TRAC) lease program that allows flexibility to set the residual based upon business requirements. Wide range of vehicles to choose from: new, used, cars through heavy trucks including upfits.

Municipal Financing

Discover how our flexible Municipal Lease/Purchase Financing helps you acquire essential equipment – even on limited budgets. No major cash outlays, long-term debt obligations or, in most cases, voter approval. Learn more below.

Combined Billing

Two or more accounts? Simplify your payments by consolidating your monthly statement. It’s complimentary for you if you have two or more accounts. Combined Billing makes it simple, ease and time-saving.

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Chastang Ford’s commercial sales team are professionals focused on delivering commercial credit solutions designed to fit your business needs. We’re here to exceed your commercial truck and finance goals so you keep your business running smooth.
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