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Ford Blue Advantage Certified Pre-Owned Programs

Ford Certified Pre Owned Programs

Learn about Ford’s two levels of certification for pre-owned vehicles. Each certification comes with added benefits and a peace of mind when purchasing a used vehicle.

The first thing to know is Ford has expanded their certification of used cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs outside of the Ford product alone. Customers shopping for their next certified pre-owned vehicle at Chastang Ford will now find other makes such as Chevrolet, Toyota, and Honda models available with the Blue Advantage Certified label attached to them.

Ford Blue Advantage

Ford’s official name for their certified pre-owned program is called Ford Blue Advantage. Under the Ford Blue Advantage umbrella exists two levels of certified vehicles: Gold Certified and Blue Certified. Each of these levels of certification carry different limited warranties, criteria to be certified, and offer a different amount of FordPass Points to use towards ongoing vehicle maintenance.

Another key fact to know when purchasing a certified pre-owned vehicle under the Ford Blue Advantage is after purchase of the vehicle, under both Gold and Blue Certified programs, the customer has a Money Back Guarantee for the first 14 days or 1,000 miles, whichever comes first. If the vehicle is returned under these circumstances, it’s important to know the stipulations such as if there was a trade-in on the original purchase and how that’s handled. See details here.

Blue vs Gold Certified Pre-Owned

Ford Blue Certified
Ford Gold Certified
Ford Blue Advantage Certified Pre Owned LogoFord Gold Advantage Certified Pre Owned Logo
  • Blue Certified can be either Ford or other make vehicles (Chevrolet, Toyota, Honda, etc) up to 10 years old with less than 120,000 miles.
  • Gold Certified is only available on used Ford models up to 6 years old with less than 80,000 miles.
  • Blue Certified must pass a detailed 139-point inspection.
  • Gold Certified must pass a detailed 172-point inspection.
Comprehensive Warranty
  • Blue Certified: 90-Day/4,000-Mile (whichever comes first) Comprehensive Limited Warranty.
  • Gold Certified: 12-Month/12,000-Mile (whichever comes first) Comprehensive Limited Warranty
*Important: Only the Gold Certified offers a Powertrain Limited Warranty of 7-Year/100,000-Mile (whichever comes first).
FordPass Rewards Points
  • Blue Certified: 11,000 FordPass Rewards Points to use toward your first maintenance visit.
  • Gold Certified: 22,000 FordPass Rewards Points to use toward your first two maintenance visits.
In addition to the above benefits, both certifications offer flexible financing options from Ford Credit and Ford Protect Extended Service Plans. These will vary time to time so it’s important to check with the Chastang Ford finance center on what your vehicle may have available.
Find your next certified pre-owned vehicle to drive home today in Houston, TX. We serve all areas of Houston including Pasadena, The Woodlands and Pearland, TX for all your Ford vehicle sales, service, and parts. Count on Chastang Ford to provide clear details on either a Blue or Gold Certified pre-owned vehicle you choose to drive home.


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