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Ford Stolen Vehicle Services – Important For Houston Residents

Ford Stolen Vehicle Services

Ford Stolen Vehicle Services is a technology embedded on current 2024 Ford F-150 models (excluding the Lightning) that alerts owners to a possible vehicle theft in progress and will help owners alert the police and track the truck. The system operates through the FordPass mobile app with SecuriAlert functionality.

Don’t think your Ford F-150 could be stolen? Think again.

According the Texas Department of Public Safety website, in April of 2024, 324 Ford Pickup trucks were stolen vehicle, the second highest vehicle model on their Auto Theft Report. Similar is true in 2021, when Ford Pickups were the second highest stolen vehicle in the state of Texas.

How does Stolen Vehicle Services work?

Stolen Vehicle Services uses various sensors and systems on your vehicle to monitor and report activity around your vehicle. The service will notify you of unusual or unexpected activity through the FordPass App.

In the event of theft, you can also use FordPass to report the theft and alert police. This service then uses your vehicle’s cellular data connection and the ability to receive Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) data to track your vehicle. (Tracking can be affected by the loss of these signals, the coverage in your area, or the vehicle’s surroundings.)

If you happen to attempt a Factory Reset during the time your vehicle is stolen, you’ll notice the function is unavailable. That’s intentional — a Factory Reset would hinder recovery efforts. If you need to perform a reset for some reason, you can enable the reset function for one hour with the FordPass App, although we recommend waiting until after your vehicle is recovered.

Availability and Activation

Your 2024 F-150 truck includes a one-year Stolen Vehicle Services plan. You can activate the service through the Connected Services tile in your Ford Account, no credit card required. If you haven’t already, you’ll first need to activate your modem in your vehicle through the FordPass App. This feature is currently available on 2024 F-150 models, with the exception of F-150 Lightning®.

Process to Report, Recover, and Have Your Stolen Vehicle Returned

Stolen Vehicle Ford Pass Message

STEP 1 – Call The Police

  • Your local law enforcement will help you file a report — make note of the police report number and contact information to provide to the Ford Call Center agent

STEP 2 – Call Ford at 866-861-0419

  • Our Call Center agent will verify the police report with law enforcement
  • Our agent will then begin tracking your vehicle’s location, as well as disable Factory Reset functionality
  • You will receive a confirmation email from our agent with a summary of the case details
  • Our Call Center will engage police to check for case updates, share updated locations, and request that you be updated by law enforcement

STEP 3 – Your Vehicle Gets Recovered

  • The police will let you know when your vehicle is recovered
  • Re-engage our Call Center to deactivate tracking and initiate Recovery Mode
  • You will receive a Recovery Mode confirmation email
  • Your vehicle is returned to you


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