Knapheide Service Body Trucks Houston, TX

Knapeheide service bodies on Ford trucks, the perfect combination for a long-lasting combination work truck. Check out the best Knapeheide service body options in Houston, TX.
Knapheide Service Body
Ford F-250 With Knapheide Service Body

Perhaps the only way to make a Ford even more unstoppable is to pair it with one of the best established service body manufacturers in the country.

Since 1848, Knapheide has been a prominent name in the commercial vehicle industry. By producing a wide variety of body types that can be customized and altered to satisfy a customer’s requirements, Knapheide and Chastang Ford Trucks form a dynamic duo. For those business leaders looking to expand their reach and maximize money and time, a Knapheide Service Body for Houston TX from Chastang Ford is the answer that they have been seeking.

Ford F-550 Upfitted with Knapheide Service Body

Eddie explains the versatility and efficiency of the Ford F-550, upfitted with a premium Knapheide Service body. This service body is tailor-made for industries such as:

  • Construction and Infrastructure
  • Utilities and Telecommunications
  • Landscaping and Ground Maintenance
  • Roadside Assistance and Towing
  • Municipal and Government Services
  • HVAC and Electrical Contractors
  • Plumbing and Drainage
  • Fleet and Equipment Maintenance
  • Mining and Forestry Operations

Knapheide - Dynamic Storage, Vast Model Varieties

With many unique and wide-ranging body options, Knapheide allows customers to get exactly want from their Ford work vehicle. Expertly crafted with the toughest materials and most innovative designs, Knapheide service body options are second to none. Featuring five different truck bed lengths and dozens of model variations, there is no shortage of choices that businesses can pick from to enhance their productivity. Knapheide service bodies also have numerous storage compartment variations, which allows businesses a great amount of flexibility.

Not only is Knapheide able to do more than most other service bodies, but it also has one of the best warranties around. Coming with a six year limited warranty that insures against rust, door hinges failing or falling off the body, latches and locks failing to work, and shelves bending under 250 pounds, Knapheide provides businesses with peace of mind.

Knapheide service bodies are also available with an unbelievable amount of optional features such as power locks, LED-lit compartments, aluminum mechanic drawers, and cargo tie downs.
Knapheide Service Body Storage
Knapheide Service Body Storage

Knapheide Service Body Available at Chastang Ford

Optional features are bountiful in the Knapheide KUV. With great amenities such as a rearview camera, steel mechanic drawers, and power liftgates, the Knapheide KUV is able to be tailored precisely to a business’s needs.

It is clear that Chastang Ford and Knapheide are a winning combination. With the powerful performance of Ford vehicles coupled with the capabilities of Knapheide’s service bodies, no vehicle is better equipped to handle the challenges of the working day. Come in and talk with one of our exceptional commercial truck specialist staff members. As a part of Ford’s Business Preferred Network of dealerships, our team is able to understand the difficulties businesses currently face on a daily basis. Come on in and find out why Chastang Ford is so much more than just “another dealership”. Our staff loves to assist businesses in getting the most out of their vehicle. Check out our reviews from business owners just like you!

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