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Meet The New Young Automotive Professionals

Chastang Ford Service Team

At Chastang Ford, we are investing in the future of our service department by giving techs thorough training and an environment to develop into top-level master technicians. We understand that great technicians don’t come out of thin air – it takes a commitment from all involved.

Meet the new team on their way to creating a career as an automotive technician.

Meet Sergio! He started his journey with us at Chastang Ford in November 2022 and is a true lover of cars. His interest was sparked in the 8th grade, and he followed his dreams to become an Auto Tech expert by taking an Automotive Technician elective at Channel View High School - something that only a few students pursue! After graduating from UTI, Sergio started his career at Chastang Ford.

Aside from pouring all his energy into repairing vehicles for customers and family members, Sergio also enjoys other activities outside of work; playing guitar or soccer on weekends allows him time to relax and unwind. He also has Ford Certification under his belt, which earned him expertise status among peers – impressive stuff indeed! And let's not forget his dog Kilo: The loyal companion who cheers up anyone's days (even if they don't know it!).  
Daniela is a 19-year-old automotive technician who will graduate from UTI in January 2023. She is the first of her two older sisters to take off in a career and is ambitious and adventurous. Daniela has always been passionate about cars - her mother had frequent problems with them, and she wanted to learn how to fix them for her.

Daniela loves learning more about engines and how small changes can impact the car's performance. She is also very active and enjoys Japanese cars (JDM). Daniela has no problem getting along with the boys despite being in a male-dominated industry. She is also very good at math and science, which has helped her gain college credits in high school.

Overall, Daniela loves what she does and is excited about her future. She is an excellent example of how ambition and hard work can help you reach your goals.

Daniela started at Chastang in November 2022, and we are excited to be part of her automotive career journey.
Evan started his career at Chastang Ford in November 2022 and is a brilliant example of perseverance! The 29-year-old US Armed Forces veteran has been through everything - from private security to personal training and now Automotive Technician. This young man always finds ways to follow his passions. Despite the pandemic taking its toll on Evan's Personal Trainer business, he found resilience and continues to stay in shape, with boxing as one of his hobbies. Above all else, though, what makes Evan stand out is that despite everything life throws at him, he remains devoted to family – an admirable quality indeed!
Jorge is an ambitious 19-year-old who's blazing the trail toward a successful career in auto repair. Having recently graduated from West Berry High School, he enrolled with San Jacinto Auto Tech to hone his skills via their Ford Automotive Student Service Educational Training (ASSET) Program. Jorge has aspirations of becoming self-sufficient when it comes to fixing cars and likes watching anime and working out at the gym during downtime, and has a passion for DIY activities! As his first vehicle, he bought himself a Toyota Scion, which serves as much more than just transportation - It's proof that hard work can make dreams come true. We are excited to have Jorge as part of the team since July 2022.
Meet Omar, a 19-year-old student navigating his path to success. Currently enrolled in the UTI Ford Accelerated Credential Training (FACT) Program and set to graduate in February 2023, he has some big dreams of following in his dad's footsteps and opening up his own mechanic shop one day! When not studying for exams or tackling car engines under hoods, you can find him enjoying music playlists with his dog Princess or kicking around a soccer ball out on the field.
Juan is a brilliant example of what the power of education and hard work can do. When he was just 17 years old, Juan interned at Chastang, and they saw his potential to be great. They were so impressed that not only did they keep him on their team but also paid for his training in automotive technology! 13 incredible years later, here’s how far this journey has taken him: from changing the oil to becoming an esteemed suspension technician – all with sheer determination alone! His story proves that anything is possible if you have the drive and someone who will invest in your success!

Are you a new technician considering entering the automotive industry and needing help figuring out where to start?

Look no further—we are here to introduce you to an exciting career path that could take your life in an all-new direction. With new technology, processes, and advances being made every day, the automotive world is constantly evolving—which means there’s never been a better time for innovative thinkers to jump on board. And if that wasn’t enough incentive already, employer demand for skilled technicians has seen steady growth over the last few years with no signs of slowing down anytime soon!

Let us walk through everything you need (and should) know when getting started as a tech in the automotive sector.


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