2021 Ford F-150 Hybrid Customer Testimonial

F150 Limited Hybrid Powerboost Pro Power Onboard Generator Customer Testimonial

When we say the Ford F-150 is built tough for any job or lifestyle, we weren’t kidding. As America’s most reliable and favorite truck brand, Ford continues to lead the industry with ingenious technology, intelligent and pragmatic design, cutting-edge endurance, and steadfast performance. Now Ford is stepping into the future tougher and smarter than ever with alternate energy sources, and powerful hybrid and electric designs powering their trucks and innovating the day-to-day of our drivers’ lives. But you don’t have to take our word for it!

Learn about how the Ford F-150 Limited Hybrid is breaking new ground and helping local Houston businesses like our very own Dr. Keith Manuel, founding member of Space Center Eye Associates:

Learn What the Ford F-150 Generator Can Power

As a season driver and auto enthusiast, Dr. Manuel has driven it all. From Porsche to luxury sedans, but for his latest set of wheels, all he wanted was a truck that gave him comfort, luxury interior, and most importantly, a great, smooth ride. Without further ado, in rolls the 2021 Ford F-150 to give just what the doctor ordered from Chastang Ford.

However, one day Dr. Manuel found himself in less than the lap of luxury. Operating out his optometrist clinic in Clear Lake, Dr. Manuel is no stranger to the inconvenience of having inconsistent electricity, with random, frequent outages occurring for 15 minutes at a time. On this particular day, the electricity didn’t come back after waiting a half hour, and with patients from Corpus Christi to Louisiana trekking nearly 2 hours to his clinic, Dr. Manuel needed to get something done.

Finally, his technician said, “don’t you have a generator in that truck?” Dr. Manuel headed outside and backed up his new Ford F-150 Limited Hybrid, and only 15 minutes and a few electrical cords later, was able to fully power equipment so he could get his patients the help they needed and be on their way. Even with nearly over two hours of no electricity, Dr. Manuel was able to keep his clinic running and powered all 16 computers, a server, wifi, and several rooms with optometry equipment.

Customer Photo F150 Limited Powerboost Using Pro Power Onboard
Customer Photo Showing Ford Pro Power Onboard Generator
Customer Photo F150 Pro Power Onboard
The F-150 Limited PowerBoost Hybrid Engine With Pro Power Onboard Generator

Learn What the Ford F-150 Generator Can Power

This is a real setup of how the F-150 Pro Power Onboard worked as a generator providing electricity across this Houston business. Pro Power Onboard lets you use your 2021 F-150 pickup as a mobile generator. In this example, Dr. Manuel’s F-150 Limited with a 3.5L PowerBoost Full Hybrid V6 that is equipped with the Pro Power Onboard (generator) was able to output 7,200 watts of power through four available bed-mounted 120-volt outlets and one dedicated 240-volt circuit. That’s a lot of electricity to power a small business!

Houston Business Running On Ford Generator
Customer Photo Showing Ford Pro Power Onboard Generator
F-150 Hybrid Generator Powering Houston Business

Experience Features and Technology of the New Ford F-150 Near Houston, Pasadena, & Humble

At Chastang Ford, we know a truck is more than just a set of wheels! With innovative features like a built-in Pro Power Onboard generator, models like the Ford F-150 Limited Hybrid are changing the lives of our Houston area locals like Dr. Manuel everyday

Build and price a new Ford F-150 Limited or to learn more about our new Ford inventory, visit your local Chastang Ford dealer today!


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