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Bronco Trail App Now Available

Bronco Trail App Setup & Usage

Check out the new Bronco Trail App exclusively for Bronco owners! Instantly find trails near you, completely mapped out turn-by-turn and be able to video record your entire Bronco 4×4 experience in the wild!

Discovering, planning and sharing off-road adventures is now even easier for Bronco owners, thanks to the new Bronco Trail smartphone app, available now in the Apple App Store and Google Play. Available only for Bronco SUV owners, the app features about 1,200 professionally curated off-road trail maps across the U.S., Canada and Mexico. It also provides the ability to record drives with tracks, waypoints, photos and video – and lets you share a summary of the drive on social media. The Bronco Trail app is complimentary to download and use.

Curated trail maps: Always stay on the trail with the Bronco Trail App and discover roughly 18,000 miles of existing trails in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Filter by location, length, difficulty, and more. Each trail has a description and can be saved for future adventures.

Points of interest: Keep track of what’s ahead, like tough challenges, scenic points of interest, waypoints, can’t-miss photo ops, and more. Once you’ve saved a trip, you can add your own waypoints, photos, and notes about your experience.

Satellite imagery and 2D topographic maps: Access and download different map styles to prepare for the journey ahead. Going off-grid? No problem: you can view downloaded maps even if you are offline.

Pressure gauge: Some trails recommend lower or higher tire pressure to traverse – Bronco Trail App features a real-time tire pressure gauge built in the app to assist with adjusting to desired tire pressure on the trail and recommended pressure for the road. And you can use it even when you don’t have a cellular or cloud connection.

Adventure tracking: Bookmark and record favorite trails to visit again or share experiences from your phone with other Bronco owners.

Bronco Trail App Video Recording
Bronco Trail App Video Recording

How To Setup the Bronco Trail App on IOS Devices

Learn step-by-step how to setup and connect the Bronco Trail App on your iPhone to Ford Sync.

  1.   Downloaded Bronco Trail App from App Store here.
  2.   Log in to Bronco Trail App with Ford Pass Credentials.
  3.   When prompted by the app to allow location permission, select “Allow While Using App”
  4.   App will download trails for offline use.
  5.   On your iPhone, open iOS Settings -> Bluetooth, ensure Bluetooth is enabled and keep this settings page active during the pairing process.
  6.   Ford SYNC Settings tab -> Add Phone
  7.   Select “Discover Other Bluetooth devices” , then “Continue”
  8.   Select your phone from the list.
  9.   On your iPhone, select “Pair” on and “Yes” on SYNC when prompted, ensuring that PIN matches between both.
  10.   On your iPhone, select Use CarPlay when prompted.
  11.   Important: On SYNC, select Disable when asked “Would you like to enable CarPlay?” This will allow you to setup SYNC app permissions before CarPlay initializes, and provides a smoother experience.
  12.    Return to the Apps tab on SYNC, then select Bronco Trail App
  13.   Select Yes when prompted to Enable Apps.
  14.   Ensure all request categories are checked and select Yes when prompted to allow access.
  15.   On your iPhone, return to the Bronco Trail App and keep it open during the next few steps.
  16.   On SYNC, select the Apps tab, then Apple CarPlay.
  17.   If presented with connection options, select “Connect to Apple CarPlay”.
  18.   Select Enable when prompted to enable CarPlay.
  19.   Within the CarPlay screen, tap the Bronco Trail App icon.
  20.   In the Bronco Trail CarPlay app, tap Agree when prompted by the safety dialog.
  21.   In the Bronco Trail iPhone app, accept permissions requests for camera, microphone, location, and notifications.
  22.   If you see the “Applink Connection Not Detected” then a problem has occurred with SYNC permissions. Return to step 12 and repeat steps 12 through 14.

Print or view step-by-step guide with images below.


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