2024 Ford Maverick Build & Price

2024 Ford Maverick Order Banks NOW OPEN!

The 2024 Ford Maverick is now available to build and price – order banks are open. Learn everything new on the 2024 Maverick and get on the order bank list now.

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Chastang Ford is located in HOUSTON, TX.


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How Does Submitting a Maverick Order Work?

  • You build & price a Maverick or contact us below.
  • A certified Maverick specialist will reach out to you and confirm your selections.
  • With your approval and a small deposit, we send your Maverick order to Ford for the official build.

How Long Does It Take To Get My Maverick?

Once orders are submitted to Ford, it’s currently taking 3-6 months to receive your Maverick. More importantly, the only way to get a new Maverick is to order one. All Mavericks coming into inventory are pre-ordered units for the seeable future. 

Build & Price a Maverick Below

Looking For The Tremor Trims?
Learn More About The Maverick Tremor

Chastang Ford provides a complete build and price tool to build your favorite Maverick trim level from the ground up. When you’ve finished building your Maverick, click submit and a dealership consultant will reach out to you to review details of your build. Once all of the details are confirmed, your order will be submitted to Ford to build.

Start Your Ford Maverick Order Houston, TX

Chastang Ford is located in HOUSTON, TX.

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