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From Couch To Car: How to Buy A Vehicle Online in 5 Easy Steps

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Imagine if buying a vehicle was as easy as ordering groceries from your local supermarket or hopping on Amazon. That convenience is now a reality with the introduction of Chastang @ Home, a concierge-level car-buying process you can complete from the comfort of your own home. From couch to car, the Chastang @ Home process elevates the buying experience, making your needs a priority.

Transparency, convenience and customer satisfaction are central to this buying experience. The process is straightforward, quick and takes place on your timetable and location. With Chastang @ Home, you can:

  • Explore the Chastang Ford website and select the vehicle you want to buy.
  • Apply for credit, receive the decision quickly.
  • Choose financing terms that work best for you.
  • Review and select optional vehicle protection products/rebates.
  • Review a final summary of the financing terms and schedule time to complete the transaction and pick up the vehicle.

You can sit on your couch and buy a car over the phone without leaving home. It’s that easy,” Cody Delaney, Chastang Ford new sales manager said. “It’s very transparent and we have everything ready for you here at the dealership, so you can jump in your new vehicle and go.

Chastang @ Home is built so consumers can find the vehicles that truly fit their needs. It makes the car-buying process pleasant and enjoyable, while respecting a customer’s time and schedule. This is about what works best for the customer. If you’re happy with your purchase and experience at Chastang Ford, we’ve done our job.

Learn more about Chastang @ Home and click “calculate your payment” next to any vehicle on our site.


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