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Fuel Lube Trucks in Houston

Predominantly, we work with Knapheide to upfit our Ford trucks to create the industry’s most suitable, customized Fuel and Lube Trucks available. The Fuel Lube Truck configurations we are able to offer you through Chastang Ford are the most reliable and durable Fuel Lube Trucks in Houston TX.

Knapheide is the nation’s premier producer of steel service truck bodies for more than 160 years, and when it comes to Fuel and Lube Trucks, we work closely with them to produce three specific Fuel and Lube Truck configurations.

However, highly-specialized custom solutions are always an option. Tell us what you need, and we will find a way to make it happen.

Knapheide KFLT1 Fuel Lube Truck

These Ford trucks feature a modular design that fits nicely into a variety of industries with a wide array of applications. This specific KFLT1 configuration makes great use of a custom tank isolator nearly eliminates flexing, twisting, and vibration on the Ford chassis frame. One of the most durable Fuel and Lube Trucks ever designed, the galvanneal steel can hold up against any job you throw at it. 1,000 capacity tank or alternate product tanks are available.

Knapheide KFLT2 Fuel Lube Truck


Many larger fleets throughout this part of Texas need big maintenance trucks to keep up with the job at hand.

The KFLT2 Fuel Lube Truck that we create with Knapheide boasts a 2,000 fuel capacity tank and additional product tanks for new and used oils and coolants. All essential tools and equipment have a home of their own with secure underbody storage compartments, as well as multiple other secure storage locations throughout the truck. Additionally, the custom tank-mounting system by Kanpheide greatly reduces any flexing or twisting on the Ford frame.

Many fleets aren’t complete until maintenance and repairs can be made quickly and efficiently by in-house staff in the field. The KLT1 Lube Truck that we custom order through Knapheide offers complete versatility and customization to meet the individual needs of your business. This truck can easily handle an array of tanks and a variety of tank sizes. It’s a rugged solution for fleets seeking greater autonomy and efficiency.

Chastang Ford is a Fuel Lube Truck Dealer in Houston, TX.

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