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Learn more about and pre-order Knapheide Crane Body trucks for your Houston business or fleet, ready to be rigged on a new Ford Super Duty!
Knapheide Crane Body Houston Tx
Knapheide Crane Body Truck Dealer - Houston, TX

There are a number of reasons why Chastang Ford remains one of the most popular dealerships in the Houston area.

We employ some of the most dedicated and passionate people who truly live and breathe Ford trucks and customer service. The biggest part of providing great customer service is being able to meet the needs of each customer–including local businesses. Buying a truck for work can be daunting, but at Chastang Ford, businesses don’t have to go at it alone.

Being a Ford Business Preferred Network (BPN) dealership we have staff trained to understand the complexities businesses face today. We also can fashion work vehicles that are specifically tailored to help get the job done with more efficiency. A Knapheide Crane Body for Houston TX is great choice for businesses looking for its next work truck. Knapheide has been a leader in the production of service, utility, platform, and stake bodies since 1848. By using innovative designs and high-strength materials, customers receive the best quality work vehicle imaginable.

Knapheide Crane Body - Unparalleled Craftsmanship and Quality

One of the big reasons that Knapheide has become such a sought-after crane body producer is due to its unique torque-isolator support system. A reinforced crane box reallocates loft forces into a torsion-box sub-frame and outriggers. Knapheide’s steel coatings are some of the most advanced in the industry as well. Knapheide K-Coat protects amazingly well against rust and corrosion. With an intensive twelve step application process, no detail is overlooked by Knapheide.

Other features in Knapheide crane models include an A-40 galvanneal compartments and doors, 12-gauge bottom and end panel compartments, and 14-gauge inner partition compartments and many more. With multiple model options coming in in different crane sizes, Knapheide can accommodate virtually any customer request. Unique compartment configurations maximize cargo storage. When it comes to finding the right crane body, the answer is clear: Knapheide is the way to go.

Ford F550 Knapheide Crane Body Houston Jobsite
Ford F-550 With Knapheide Crane Body Truck on Houston Jobsite

Knapheide Crane Body Truck Available at Chastang Ford

We are thrilled to be able to provide Knapheide bodies to our Chassis cab selection. The combination of two legends such as Ford and Knapheide forms an unbeatable, rugged duo. Our truck staff knows both brands inside out, and they can help local businesses find the best model to make the toughest tasks easier.

Come see us at Chastang Ford for the best offerings of Ford trucks and Knapheide crane bodies. Work smarter, not harder with a Knapheide crane body and an F-Series Chassis cab.

Knapheide Crane Body Consultation

Our commercial account managers specialize in consulting Houston businesses to find the exact Knapheide Crane Body for your needs.

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