Knapheide KUV Utility Van Dealer

Knapheide KUV is an enclosed utility body on a Ford Transit chassis that holds essential tools commonly used by Houston HVAC/plumbing, electrical, and construction contractors.

When your business needs a quality KUV body on a Ford chassis, count on the Chastang Ford Commercial Team to upfit your van or truck with the exact Knapheide to meet your needs.

Knapheide Kuv Houston Tx
Knapheide KUV Service Utility Van

Our Commercial Vehicle Center provides customers with commercial truck solutions that are designed to maximize time and efficiency. For those who demand more out of their work vehicle, Chastang Ford is their answer. We are able to meet virtually every request. Those in the plumbing, HVAC, and electrical field should check out the Knapheide KUV in Houston TX.

2023 Ford E-350 KUV - Maximize Efficiency and Versatility

If you’re a business owner or fleet manager looking for a dependable work truck, look no further than the Ford E-350 with a Knapheide KUV Body fitted by Chastang Ford PRO Commercial Center.

With impressive payload capacity and durability, this vehicle is ready to tackle any job. Its spacious interior and advanced technology provide versatility and convenience, making it the perfect choice for construction, HVAC, or electrical businesses. Trust in the expertise of Chastang Ford Commercial Center to upfit your next work truck.

Knapheide KUV For Sale

For this upfit, the customer chose a Ford E-350 Cutaway 80in chassis with a Knapheide KUV model KUV129SU. Extras included a Knaplock Keyless Entry System, Backup Alarm, Class V Receiver Hitch, Electric Brake Control, and a Solid Bulkhead with No Glass. Full Specifications include:

  • Body Length: 129.25″
  • Body Height: 70″
  • Compartment Depth: 14.5″
  • Clear Door Width: 49.5″
  • Interior Clear Height: 55.8″
  • Knaplock Keyless Entry System
  • Backup Alarm
  • Receiver Hitch Class V
  • Electric Brack Control
Knapheide KUV Service Utility Van Ford E-350
Knapheide KUV Service Utility Van on Ford E-350
Ford E 350 Cutaway Knapheide Kuv Service Utility Van
Ford E 350 Cutaway Knapheide KUV Service Utility Van
KUV Service Utility Van Interior Bulkhead
KUV Service Utility Van Interior Bulkhead

Knapheide KUV Dealer in Texas

Optional features are bountiful in the Knapheide KUV. With great amenities such as a rearview camera, steel mechanic drawers, and power liftgates, the Knapheide KUV is able to be tailored precisely to a businesses needs.

Come see us at Chastang Ford today. We have a well-earned reputation for providing local businesses big and small with high-quality work trucks for their fleet. By being part of the Ford’s Business Preferred Network of dealerships, we are able to understand the problems that businesses face and understand their concerns. This makes us better able to satisfy fleet customer’s needs. Simply stop in and visit with our exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable representatives to see how Chastang Ford can help improve your business even more.

KUV Consultation

Our Commercial Vehicle Center has years of experience upfitting Ford chassis trucks and vans with KUV bodies. You won't be disappointed with the Chastang Ford experience.
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