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View Knapheide KUV options available at Chastang Ford and learn how we help Houston tradesman find the perfect KUV upfit for their business needs.
Knapheide Kuv Houston Tx
Knapheide KUV Service Utility Van

Having the right truck for the job can make all the difference in the world.

We know this at Chastang Ford. Many dealerships believe in a one-size-fits-all philosophy. This leads businesses to have to adapt to the dealership’s limitations.

At Chastang Ford, we provide customers with commercial trucks that are designed to maximize time and efficiency. For those who demand more out of their work vehicle, Chastang Ford is their answer. We are able to meet virtually every request. Those in the plumbing, HVAC, and electrical field should check out the Knapheide KUV in Houston TX.

Versatility for Every Job

The Knapheide KUV body configuration on any of our fantastic Ford Chassis cab models is an outstanding choice for businesses. The KUV has loads of amazing features that make it a cut above other choices. Most notably, the Knapheide KUV has various models with different measurements that allow for more storage. With two different lengths and a maximum payload of 3,309 pounds, the Knapheide KUV has the ability to carry and do more than other brands.

But space and payload capacity are not the only reasons to consider the Knapheide KUV. Standard features also include double panel rear cargo doors that allow for easier access to supplies and equipment. There is also two conduit chutes which allow for better transportation of copper piping or PVC tubing. Numerous exterior storage compartments allow for extra storage space. Another bonus that comes from choosing the KUV from Knapheide is having ample flat panel space. This allows for business advertisements and rolling billboard potential. At Chastang Ford, we can adorn work vehicles with high-quality commercial graphics that can boost visibility which can lead to new business prospects.

Knapheide Kuv Storage
Knapheide KUV Utility Van Showing Storage

The Knapheide KUV Available at Chastang Ford

Optional features are bountiful in the Knapheide KUV. With great amenities such as a rearview camera, steel mechanic drawers, and power liftgates, the Knapheide KUV is able to be tailored precisely to a businesses needs.

Come see us at Chastang Ford today. We have a well-earned reputation for providing local businesses big and small with high-quality work trucks for their fleet. By being part of the Ford’s Business Preferred Network of dealerships, we are able to understand the problems that businesses face and understand their concerns. This makes us better able to satisfy fleet customer’s needs. Simply stop in and visit with our exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable representatives to see how Chastang Ford can help improve your business even more.

KUV Consultation

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