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2024 Ford Transit Order Banks Now Open For a Limited Time!

As of September 13, 2023 – 2024 Ford Transit order banks are open.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to place an order on a new 2024 Ford Transit. Order banks will be open for a limited time and only so many orders will be taken before the banks close again.

Once Chastang Ford receives your request, a certified Transit specialist will reach out to you and confirm your selections, then with your approval send your order to Ford for the official build.

Order Banks Won’t Be Open Long or
Get On The List If An Order Falls Through
Ford Transit Refrigerated Van
Refrigerated Trucks, Refrigerated Vans, and Insulated Vans have to be more than just durable, reliable, and efficient. Vehicles requiring refrigeration are almost exclusively carrying perishable items that require strict and consistent temperature control. Standards go above and beyond individual companies, often requiring that federal safety regulations and standards are met or exceeded.
These highly-specific industry standards are part of the extensive knowledge base of our Commercial and Fleet Account Managers here at Chastang Ford. No refrigeration request is too obscure for us to help you find the perfect solution.

Commercial Refrigerator Trucks and Vans · Houston TX

Our Ford trucks are regularly outfitted with insulated bodies and top-of-the-line refrigeration systems. Holding a constant mid-temperature is crucial for landscapers and specialized food industries. Maintaining a deep freeze at least 20 degrees below zero is also essential for a variety of businesses.

We ensure the highest quality, and maintain the highest standards, so refrigerated transportation can be one less day-to-day concern for you and your business.

Our Refrigerated Trucks and Vans in Houston are rugged and durable, more efficient than much of what is currently available, and highly customizable. Capacities of every shape and size fit a variety of our Ford trucks and chassis. Moreover, we offer cutting edge insulated aluminum body construction, lighter, strength-tested fiberglass bodies, and 12-gauge galvannealed steel – among many other configurations.

Refrigerated Van Consultation

Chastang Ford helps you build the perfect refrigerated van solution for your Houston business or fleet.

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