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Smart Charging Alternator – Ford Super Duty Gasoline Technologies

Smart Charging Alternator Chastang Ford

In Ford Super Duty commercial trucks, performance and capability is everything for a gas engine designed to carry and tow heavy cargo long distances or up big inclines. To accomplish this, some of Ford gasoline technologies include the electronic throttle control, fail-safe engine cooling, oil-life minder display and a smart charging alternator.

A smart charging alternator is a standard feature in Ford Super Duty Chassis Cab models that controls charging system voltage during vehicle acceleration and deceleration, helping to enhance efficiency.

An alternator provides charging (current) via a pulley and belt operated by the engine. To create current, a mechanical load is exerted onto the belt and felt by the engine. The more current there is, the more torque is applied.

How Does a Smart Charging Alternator Work?

Smart charging decreases alternator output during vehicle acceleration and increases output during vehicle braking or deceleration. It also communicates with the aggressive deceleration fuel shutoff (ADFSO) system to ensure the battery is being adequately charged.

Most importantly, since there is no additional engine accessory belt load to energize the battery, a smart charging alternator allows for less fuel to be used by the engine thereby increasing miles per gallon of gas.

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