Commercial Vehicle Performance Analysis

Houston businesses and fleet managers can now request a free Vehicle Performance Analysis on their current work trucks or for future considerations of their work truck or fleet needs. Keep your drivers safe and those driving around them safe knowing your work trucks are within the legal limits for size, payload and towing.

Know Your Ford Truck Capabilities

Learn about load capacity, towing capabilities, steering radius, horsepower and incline and grade abilities that your Ford Super Duty can handle before going on the road. Our goal is to educate customers about all of the truck capabilities so you’re driving legal, safe and productively.
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What Is a Vehicle Performance Analysis?

A Vehicle Performance Analysis goes well beyond shop talk of per axle weight limits. Our professionally trained Commercial Ford Account Managers will assess your vehicle needs for load capabilities, towing capabilities, start up incline, grade ability, horsepower, torque to climb grades, and turning radius.

We also provide detailed weight distribution diagrams that your business can use to educate those who load the trucks, so they also understand how much weight and where it should be placed across the bed, trailer, axles or gooseneck hitch.

Learn if your current work trucks are overweight and would pass TXDOT size and weight limits based on chassis, upfit and other tools added.

How Does a Vehicle Performance Analysis Work?

Your location, our dealership, or over Zoom, an account manager will take the time to collaborate with you either on your current vehicles or review your work truck needs if you’re considering adding to your fleet. We take the time to examine the year, make, model, upfit and more to input into our specialized commercial truck software which will provide all the information needed for you to know the capabilities of the work truck you have or need.

Once all the information is gathered and compiled, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing your truck capabilities in most situations.

Why Would I Want a Vehicle Performance Analysis?

Before You Buy: Get the right truck for the right jobs. Know the F-250 thru F-750 and the upfit that will meet all your needs before purchase.

Current Truck Fleet: Know if you are driving legally, safely and have the right work truck before something unexpected happens.

Safety: Keep your drivers safe and those who drive around them on Houston highways. Knowing what your work truck capabilities will help prevent unneeded accidents and liabilities.

Commercial Ford Truck Analysis

Chastang Ford is committed to helping Houston small businesses and fleet managers well beyond just the sale or service of your commercial Ford trucks. Our commercial vehicle team will personally work with your business to examine, review and assess your current work trucks ability to handle jobsite situations and road handling to ensure your fleet and drivers around them are safe on the Houston roads. Upon review of your vehicle performance analysis, you’ll walk away knowing the payload, towing and steering capabilities of any Ford commercial truck you may currently own or are considering to purchase.

Vehicle Performance Analysis

A commercial Ford account manager will reach out to you.
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