Ford Flatbed & Gooseneck Truck Body

Ford flatbed trucks come in various sizes, including medium-duty and heavy-duty models, with different bed lengths and weight capacities to suit different hauling needs. They may be powered by gasoline or diesel engines, and may have either manual or automatic transmissions. Some models may also come with four-wheel drive capabilities for off-road use.

Flatbed Trucks For Sale

Chastang Ford is a commercial Ford truck dealer that offers flatbed and gooseneck trucks for sale for Houston contractors, fleets, and local constructions companies.

Work with a dedicated Commercial Account Manager to build the exact flatbed for your business needs.

Ford F-750 Flatbed Truck For Sale Houston TX
Ford F-750 Flatbed Truck For Sale

Standard Flatbed Trucks are built tough, versatile and capable enough to handle a variety of jobs. Flatbed Gooseneck Trucks in Houston continue to gain popularity throughout the region. Not sure which Ford chassis and flatbed fits your needs? Get a free Vehicle Performance Analysis from a Commercial Ford Account Manager to learn about load capacity, towing capabilities, steering radius, horsepower and incline and grade abilities that your Ford flatbed can handle before going on the road.

Gooseneck Trucks

Gooseneck and custom truck upfit beds are versatile and necessary in a variety of industries throughout the Houston area. These commercial Ford trucks are needed in a large cross section of industries in the area, including oilfield and pipeline, mechanics, contractors, landscapers, municipalities, and many others.

Chastang Ford understands the mixed needs and varied circumstances that require customized gooseneck truck bodies. We also fully understand that turnaround time for having a work-ready fleet can be tight.

We offer of the quickest turnaround, turn-key options for fully customized flatbed and gooseneck upfit packages and sell thousands of commercial Ford trucks and fleet vehicles every year, and do it successfully by focusing on our commercial customer needs.

F 550 Platform Body For Sale in Houston Tx
Ford F-550 With Flatbed Platform Body

Flatbed & Gooseneck Truck Options

Chastang Ford offers a wide selection of in-stock flatbed and gooseneck truck bodies. Our on-hand inventory has options available in various sizes, from 9ft to 24ft flatbeds. We have several available configurations and added options for you to select from, as well. A few of the brands we carry include, but are not limited to, the following:

All of these options can be mounted on a variety of Ford Super Duty commercial truck chassis, including:

Our assembly is focused on precision craftsmanship, and by working directly with manufacturers to keep expenses minimal, your flatbed gooseneck trucks can be chosen from customized in-stock units or built from scratch to perfectly fit your specialized needs.

All of our Commercial Account Managers are committed to creating timely, cost-effective solutions to keep your business running without a hitch. Or in this case, with a durable, fully-customizable Gooseneck hitch.
12ft Flatbed Body Ford on F-350 Chassis
12ft Flatbed Body Ford on F-350 Chassis
24ft Flatbed Platform Body on Ford F-750 Chassis For Sale in Houston TX
24ft Flatbed Platform Body on Ford F-750 Chassis

Ford Flatbed Trucks

If your business or fleet depends on flatbed truck bodies, Chastang Ford offers flatbed trucks of every configuration. Our commercial account and fleet managers work with Houston businesses to get the exact flatbed needed for their specific job site.

Located in the heart of Houston, Chastang Ford is your Ford flatbed dealer ready to rig your F-350 to F-750 chassis truck with the latest flatbeds from CM, Knapheide and General Body. Contact us below and a commercial or fleet account manager will reach out to you.

Flatbed Truck Body Request

Learn about the custom flatbed body upfits we can provide your business.
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