Ford Roadside Assistance
Houston TX

Towing Services From Ford

24-hour Assistance With Chastang Ford

  • Ford vehicles still under warranty call: 1-800-241-FORD (3673)
  • Non-warranty towing our preferred partner Humble Towing: 281-540-1212
  • Be prepared to give specific directions to your location.

Flat tires, an empty gas tank, a dead battery, keys accidentally locked inside your vehicle, and needing to be towed. These things only happen when you least expect them. It is never a convenient time for car trouble. That is where we come in. All of us here at Chastang Ford are committed to getting you back on the road, and back to what matters. Our Service Department’s precision, speed, and expertise will keep you going.

If trouble strikes after hours, and your Ford or Lincoln vehicle is under warranty, call 1-800-241-FORD(3673) to receive Ford Roadside Assistance.

Ford Roadside Assistance will dispatch a service operator that will come to your location as quickly as possible. There is no worse feeling than being stranded by the side of the road, and with Ford Roadside Assistance, that worry is a thing of the past. Day or night, peace of mind is a phone call away.

No Longer Under Warranty? Call Humble Towing Service

If your vehicle is no longer under warranty, Chastang Ford has partnered with our preferred local service provider, Humble Towing, to help you out 24 hours a day. Call Humble Towing at 281-540-1212 for roadside service any time of the day, or night.

Ford Roadside Assistance can take care of all of the following issues for drivers still under warranty:

  • In the event of a dead battery, Ford Roadside Assistance can give your vehicle a jump
  • Ford Roadside Assistance will change out your tire if you find yourself with a flat
  • If your keys are locked inside your vehicle, Ford Roadside Assistance will open your truck
  • Ford Roadside Assistance will deliver two gallons of gasoline or five gallons of diesel
  • Ford Roadside Assistance can also tow your vehicle up to 35 miles free of charge

Whether your vehicle is covered by its warranty or it has expired, we at Chastang Ford with Ford Roadside Assistance and Humble Towing are there for you every mile of the way. Never face automotive uncertainty alone again.

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