Versatile And Popular: Delivery Vans Are In Demand

Delivery Vans In Demand
This year brings a whole new importance for safe deliveries to homes and offices. The need for delivery trucks is in high demand. Groceries, dry goods, electronics, office supplies, clothing, and restaurant orders are all now being brought to our doors. And now, even vehicle deliveries can be added to this list.
Contactless delivery means a person is driving their vehicle, or in most cases a company vehicle, from location to location dropping a variety of products at your doorstep, ringing the doorbell, and swiftly departing without physical contact between themselves and the customer.
The delivery industry has seen a massive increase in business over the last six months. This trend is likely to become the norm long after the pandemic ends. Consumers recognize the comfort and convenience of having products delivered to their doorstep. Local businesses, especially restaurants, are recognizing this trend and have shifted their customer focus from in-person seating to home/office delivery.


One popular delivery van includes the economical Ford Transit Connect, which can be utilized as a cargo van for enclosed dry goods or hot/cold foods. The hot and cold food compartments are independently controlled within the same van to allow food delivery to be done so safely. Learn more about Ford cargo vans and box trucks available at Chastang Ford.

Thermo King Upfit

Transit Delivery Van Thermo King


Transit Delivery Van Coldtainer

With all this demand, it’s not surprising the Chastang Ford Commercial Vehicle Center team has been hard at work helping local Houston delivery businesses find their next delivery van.

Contact the Chastang Ford Commercial Vehicle Center team today to find your next delivery van for the specific needs of your business.


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