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Ford Flex Buy Financing is similar to standard retail financing where the interest rate doesn’t change and the customer owns the vehicle.

What makes Flex Buy different is the unequal payment structure. It starts with a lower payment for the first 36 months. The customer’s payment increases at month 37 so that the balance is paid in full by the end of the contract term.

Flex Buy is an auto financing option when a vehicle is purchased with or without a down payment and a monthly payment term is established. 

Flex Buy is not a Lease or balloon financing. There is not a residual amount, refinance requirement, or return option.

Ford Flex Buy Dealership In Houston Tx

How Does Flex Buy Work?

Flex Buy financing works by having a lower monthly payment for the first 36 months, after which it increases until the auto loan is paid in full. Flex Buy is offered with 66- or 75-month terms with the option to pay off early.

Your first 36 months of payments are discounted by 15% or 18%, while higher later payments allow for your full balance to be satisfied.

Flex Buy continues to increase in popularity as a viable financing option offering customers a variety of benefits:

  • No mileage limitations
  • Freedom to customize your vehicle
  • Lower payments for the first three years
  • Build equity with each payment
  • Two term choices
  • Two payment discount choices

Build Equity With Each Payment

With terms ranging from 66–75 months, you can choose the payment schedule that best fits your needs. Equity is built with each payment, lowering the purchase price of your next Ford.

How Does Flex Buy Compare To a Lease?

Similar to a Red Carpet Lease, the payments in the first 36 months can be lower compared to a typical auto loan. What’s different compared to a lease is that Flex Buy has no mileage restrictions and every payment builds equity in the loan of the vehicle.


Ford Flex financing is a great option for those who would like to start with a smaller loan payment while still building equity in a new vehicle. For those who like a new vehicle every 3 years, before the payment rises it’s a good time to review your vehicle needs and see if it might be a good time to trade-up into another new vehicle while keeping payments lower through the Flex Buy finance option.

Poor credit stopping you from buying your next vehicle? We also offer car loans for bad credit situations as well.

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