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The Red Carpet Lease Plan allows you to pay for only the portion of the vehicle you use. This may reduce the monthly payment amount and allow you to drive the Ford vehicle you’ve always wanted and with more options.

Maybe you prefer having a new vehicle every few years, or you’re anticipating a life change or two. Whatever the reason, a Red Carpet Lease as a vehicle finance option gives you the flexibility to choose the mileage, term and payment that fit you best.

Every driver is unique, and Red Carpet Lease is designed with your individual preferences in mind. From months leased to mileage and payment, Red Carpet Lease fits your lifestyle.

Red Carpet Lease Houston TX

Red Carpet Lease

Mileage Options

One the biggest concerns with leasing is “going over miles.” With Red Carpet Lease you have seven mileage options to choose from: 10,500, 12,000, 13,500, 15,000, 16,500, 18,000, or 19,500 miles per year. If you need more than 19,500 miles per year, you may purchase additional miles. You may receive a refund for any unused additional miles purchased.

Leasing Gives You Options

At lease termination, drivers have 3 options:

  1. Purchase or lease a new Ford.
  2. Purchase your leased vehicle, if applicable.
  3. Return your lease vehicle (after fulfilling all lease-end obligations).

Leasing Benefits

  • Low initial cost and monthly payments
  • Flexible options at lease-end
  • Multiple terms available
  • Complimentary Gap Protection
  • Multiple mileage options

Consider LEASING if you:

  • Can anticipate annual mileage needs over the next few years – miles are limited
  • Keep your vehicle clean and in good working condition
  • Like having the ‘latest and greatest’ – leasing can mean a new car more frequently
  • Prefer to have a vehicle that is under warranty
  • Value the convenience of returning your vehicle at the end of the agreement

If the payments still seem to be a little too much, consider Ford Flex Buy as another finance option that could lower the monthly payment or allow you to buy more vehicle. Poor credit stopping you from buying your next vehicle? We also offer car loans for bad credit situations.

What is Leasing?

A lease is a contract for use of a vehicle for a specified period of time, for an agreed upon periodic payment. Lease payments are based on the price of the vehicle minus its lease-end value (the amount Ford Credit determines the car will be worth at lease termination).

In a lease, the customer pays for the value of the vehicle used over the term rather than paying for the value of the entire vehicle and allows them to drive their vehicle of choice without the headaches of ownership, but the vehicle must be maintained properly. Title to the vehicle remains with Ford Credit (or its designee), the legal owner of the vehicle. 

Lease Versus Retail Financing

Customers choose leasing over retail financing for several reasons:

  • LOW INITIAL COST – Leasing often requires no down payment. At lease inception the lessee is required to pay the first monthly payment and a security deposit, if required, equal to about one monthly payment.
  • LOW MONTHLY PAYMENTS – Instead of paying the full life value of the vehicle, the lease customer pays only the value of the vehicle used over the lease term.
  • NO TRADE-IN HASSLES – The lease-end residual value is established at the beginning of the lease and is often referred to as a “guaranteed future value.”
  • VEHICLE VALUE RISK – Ford Credit assumes the risk that the vehicle will be worth the lease-end value. The lessee is never “upside down” at the end of the lease due to a weak used car market because they don’t take on this risk.
  • ALWAYS HAVE A NEW CAR – The customer may choose to get a new car more often with leasing (when compared to financing).
  • SHORTER TIME COMMITMENT – To achieve the same payment on retail financing as compared to a short-term lease requires a much longer retail financing term.
  • MORE CAR – Leasing is popular because customers may be able to drive more car for their monthly lease payment. Instead of settling for the car they can afford with a long-term retail financing payment, customers may choose to upgrade for nearly the same payment and get the car they want through leasing.

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