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Finance a new, used or Certified Pre-Owned Ford. Build equity toward your next Ford purchase while enjoying no mileage limitations and the freedom to customize your vehicle.

Standard purchase is an auto financing option when a vehicle is purchased with or without a down payment and a monthly payment term is established for a period of months. At the completion of those months, the vehicle would be considered payed for and the title would be in the hands of the owner.

A Standard Purchase has an interest rate tied to the money borrowed and can increase or decrease depending on the buyer’s credit score.

Ford Standard Financing

Standard Purchase

Build Equity With Each Payment

With terms ranging from 12–84 months, you can choose the payment schedule that best fits your needs. Equity is built with each payment, lowering the purchase price of your next Ford.

The Benefits

  • No mileage limitations
  • Freedom to customize your vehicle
  • Consistent monthly payments
  • Build equity with each payment

Consider BUYING if you:

  • Like to drive or have a long commute – no worry; buying means unlimited miles
  • Plan to have a large down payment
  • Want to customize – personalizing with aftermarket equipment is allowed
  • Expect to keep the vehicle for more than a few years
  • Want to own the vehicle free and clear – once all payments are made the vehicle is yours

If the payments still seem to be a little too much, consider Ford Flex Buy as a finance option or a Red Carpet Lease that could lower the monthly payment or allow you to buy more vehicle. Poor credit stopping you from buying your next vehicle? We also offer car loans for bad credit situations as well.

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