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Texas townships, municipalities and counties count on Chastang Ford to help them build the perfect fire brush truck upfit on a new Ford Super Duty truck. Our commercial truck team has decades of experience upfitting Ford chassis trucks with fire-fighting equipment. We use specialized Ford upfit programs to perform a Vehicle Performance Analysis so you know the exact Ford truck capabilities needed before ordering or purchasing a Super Duty truck.

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Blanchat B 5 Chapaarral Fire Brush Truck
Blanchat B-5 Chaparral Fire Brush Truck on Ford F-550

Fire & Brush Truck Dealership in Houston

As the Number One Ford Fleet Dealer in Houston, our Commercial Ford Account Managers are well-versed in the fire brush truck upfits for a variety of local conditions. Texas has one of the highest concentrations of high-risk wildfire locations in the country. These natural occurrences essentially create a year-round fire season throughout Texas and counties need a rapid response vehicle that is able to travel across rugged terrain.

You work with a team of people dedicated to keeping the residents of Houston, and all of Texas, safe from the wildfire dangers. All of us here at Chastang Ford thank you for your service, and we want you to know we understand your highly specialized needs when it comes to Fire and Brush Trucks in Houston.

Commercial Fire Brush Trucks

A Fire Brush Truck is a specialized fire-fighting vehicle that is upfit on a Ford chassis truck, usually an F-350 through an F-750 depending on the weight needed to carry water capacity. It is designed to carry a large volume of water and off-road equipment to fight brush and wildland fires. The fire brush truck typically has a high-capacity water tank, along with a pump, hose, and nozzle for fighting the fire. It may also include tools such as rakes, shovels, axes, and other equipment needed to access and extinguish fires in remote areas.

Metro Fire Apparatus Brush Body
Metro Fire Brush Truck on Ford F-450
Fire Brush Truck
Booster 51 Fire Brush Truck Apparatus

Ford Super Duty trucks have been used for decades to assist fire personnel with fighting some of the biggest blazes in history. Upfitting any of our in-stock trucks with countless custom solutions you need to keep your men and women safe and effective. We have upfitted many Fire and Brush Trucks over the years, and we are able to customize upfit solutions to your specific needs, on a truck-by-truck basis.

Front end brush guards with heavy-duty bumpers, reinforced max traction tires, electric hose reels mounted with any specified length of hose you require, foam systems, high-capacity tanks with high-quality water service valves, pressurized foam systems, winch packages, intercom systems, safety lighting packages, alarms, amplifiers, aluminum and stainless steel hose beds, any configuration of warning lights, removable panels and shelving, any configuration of compartments, and so much more. We have been able to truly transform Ford fleets into a legion of unbeatable Fire and Brush Trucks.

We can also coordinate custom department lettering, paint and graphic work using industry-leading vendors and anti-corrosive materials to maintain consistent coloring and high standards that keep your fleet up to code longer.

Contact us below to speak with one of our Fire and Brush Truck Account Managers, or to learn more about our exclusive network of local and national industry-leading vendors and manufacturers.

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